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Top 5 Cloud Based Hospitality Applications

More and more, hospitality businesses are turning to the cloud to take control of their finances, improve collaboration and drive efficiencies.

In this blog we share the top 5 cloud applications used by forward thinking hospitality businesses.

Cloud based applications have increased in popularity off the back of their affordability and the ability to access them anytime anywhere.

However, one of the biggest advantages of the cloud is the ability to easily link together multiple applications to create a fully integrated finance and operations system.

We believe that the starting point for hospitality businesses is to have a quality accounting package that can integrate with the other applications used in the business. In this respect, you can’t go past Xero.

With the right accounting package in place, you can then start to build an integrated system of applications that will help you more effectively manage the business and waste less time.

There are over 400 applications in the App Marketplace to choose from, with the following being our top 5 for hospitality businesses.

1. Receipt Bank

No more receipts stuffed in a shoe box – those days are long gone! Receipt Bank means you can manage all of your receipts and supplier invoices with a few clicks of a button.

Received an invoice? Email it to Receipt Bank or take a photo using the smart phone app. Receipt Bank then does the rest of the work by imaging the document and automatically entering it into your purchases in Xero.

Record keeping sorted and hours of menial bookkeeping work avoided.

2. Deputy

Deputy is designed to take care of employee scheduling, including costing your roster.

It also takes care of time and attendance and integrates to Xero. This means that you can easily sync employee details, manage absences and look after payroll.

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3. Float

Cash flow is king in hospitality, and every business owner knows they need to manage this area of the business well.

Using Float, live accounting data is pulled in from Xero to automate the creation and management of a cash flow forecast.

This gives the business owner the information they need to mange cash flow, without the hassle of putting that information together from scratch.

4. Kounta

Kounta is a smart front of house system built for hospitality that integrates with Xero.

It has some powerful features like inventory management, table layouts, pricing & margins, real time reports, analytics, CRM and loyalty.

5. Quotient

Quotient is great for functions & events and for caterers. This simple quoting system helps businesses to generate professional quotes in real-time. It even allows you to upload pictures and track questions and answers.

And of course, when the quote it accepted, it allows you to automatically generate an invoice from Xero.

Your feedback

We would love to hear from you about your experiences with these applications and any others that you find useful.

And if you would like assistance to find the applications that are right for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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